Notifications just got smarter

Notice to App Users

Service will be discontinued after February 15th 2014.

Dear Notificaristas,

A little over a year ago, we launched our Notificare iPhone App, which gladly served as your loyal companion by keeping track of your mobile push notifications. We appreciated the enthusiasm with which you guys started using it, but the growth never reached the levels we need for it to remain a viable product.

We truly believed, and still do, that there is a huge need for a tool like this. We still see a world of interconnected people, systems and machines and the enormous challenge ahead in keeping this technology comprehensible and within our human mind's grasp.

We are determined to go straight ahead into making this future real as best as we can. But for now, we want to put our focus and full energy into making our Notificare platform, which is the basis behind the app, as good and successful as possible.

So, unfortunately, and after much hesitation, we have decided to pull the plug for the app. This means we removed the app from the AppStore and shut down access to the online dashboard. Until February 15, we will still deliver notifications to the app, but after that, it will go quiet as a mouse :-(

But Notificare is still very much alive and kicking! For those of you who are looking for a way to include smart notifications in their own apps: please stay on board! Check out our features page to find out how our platform and SDK will easily enhance your product.

We would like to thank you all once more for putting your trust into our product and for the useful feedback you have given us over time. You really are an inspiring bunch of people.


Notificare Team