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Rich and interactive push notifications for iOS, Android and Web. Enhance your apps with location based messages and iBeacon technology that really works.

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Cross-platform push notifications. One push for all.

Deliver engaging cross platform push notifications. Make the most out of the channels you are already using right now. One push for all.

Cross-platform push notifications.

Geo-Target, Geo-Fences & iBeacons.

Geo-Target, Geo-Fences & iBeacons. That really works.

Step into a world of contextual messages with high relevance. Use iBeacon technology to increase and retain your success.

Create engaging experiences. Notifications just got smarter.

From simple messages to rich, actionable content. Extend your apps with a powerful way of reaching your users.

Create engaging experiences.

One simple and powerful dashboard.

One simple and powerful dashboard. See for yourself.

Marvel at all the insights you can gather and at how fast you can discover and categorize your audience. Take advantage of a web interface that works on any device.

Free SDK inside. Release faster.

Check out how you can have smart push notifications in no time, across all channels. Download our Software Development Kit now and let us do the heavy lifting of queueing, delivering, and displaying your notifications.

Free SDK inside.

We have an API.

We have an API. Do you?

Use our APIs to integrate our platform in your own backend. Automate how to categorize users, send notifications or gather insights. Extend your application with push notifications effortlessly.

Our customers

Red Cross

Red Cross

"The reason we have decided to choose Notificare is the flexibility of the system and speed of sending out different sorts of Push Notifications. But most of all possibility to use the geo-location of the user to gather insights and send out specific messages."Jeroen BeelenManager Online Marketing

Cookoo Watch

Cookoo Watch

"Working with Notificare has been very positive. The team is capable, professional, and each team-member brings a unique and complimentary skillset to the table. I look forward to accomplishing great things together through our collaboration."Peter HauserChief Technology Officer

Target McConnells

Target McConnells

"The Notificare team knows exactly what our agency needs. By offering direct contact with our development team, they quickly understood our needs and best practices leading to great results. The dashboard is both easy for our clients to work with and still allows us to delve into comprehensive and manageable reports."Alicia CoyleAccount Manager



"As a mobile agency we deliver high quality mobile platforms that need a reliable and innovative push platform. The Notificare platform has a lot to offer, we love the product and what it can do for our clients."Bart FusselCEO



"HEMA is an international retail organization with stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France and Germany. Customer-friendly and with a unique profile, HEMA distinguishes itself from other retailers by selling its own brand. Hema uses Notificare to create a personal and relevant messaging experience."